Monday, September 5, 2011

Cast Iron Apple Upside Down Cake

This recipe was taken from The Hazel Bloom. Pretty wonderful cake. I love me some sugar, but I tend to make my desserts with fruit with less sugar than called for since the fruit adds a lot of sweetness. There is something about adding a ton of sugar to fruit that seems....unnecessary. So of the 3/4 c. of sugar required, I added maybe a little over a 1/4, and the cake was still super sweet. I accidently burned some of the brown sugar (oops), and so I ended up removing some of that too, and it was still perfectly sweet. I also used whole wheat flour.
I may have over cooked it a bit, but I still enjoyed it. And it was so easy to make that I will definitely do it again.

The next day I topped my cake with whipped cream and a rum caramel sauce.

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