Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hate-filled Bourbon Peach Hand Pies

Making a Mess (from another dish)

Butter makes everything okay

Bourbon Peach filling

Stuffing my hand pies

Hate tastes good

I was sitting on my kitchen floor, bawling. I wanted to have these little hand pies ready by a certain time so I rushed it and it was a disaster. One too many disasters.
From the beginning!

The other day I wanted to do a puff pastry pie. The bottom of the crust never, ever fully cooks, not even when I reheat it. So with a little research I tried to er...I don't remember if it has a particular name, par baking, blind baking? Anyways, I was going to pre-bake it using weights to keep the dough from rising. Rice or beans were suggested. Hrrm, I had heard of using beans but not rice, so I gave rice a try. Ugh, stick to what you know. Puff Pastry is awesome because of it's flakiness, and rice is small and gets into those tiny nooks and crannies. I was like a damn archeologist that day, excavating my puff pastry with a pastry brush, sweeping away the rice. Eventually it all worked out. There were a select few bites that were crunchier than they should have been but I still call it a success. Either way, big mess. Rice everywhere! I thought the whole experience a bit funny, learning, humbling, whatever.

Than there was that Upside-down apple pie from the previous post where I over-cooked it, I ended up throwing half of it away, too dry.

For the Peach Pies I find this fabulous recipe from Use Real Butter. I am excited to give baking another try even though making dough/pastry scares me. I start all wrong, I freeze the butter and flour for only a half hour. I don't have a pastry cutter but had found previous success in using two knives, not so much this time. Hard work and with little results. I end up using my hands to 'cut' in the butter but obviously I know the heat from hands is making the butter melt, so I am already frustrated at this point, thinking that my pies will fail. I mix the wet ingredients and my dough turns out much too wet. Did I over measure the sour cream? I only refrigerate my dough for a half-hour (if that) and I flour my work surface like crazy since my dough is so damn wet. When I roll out my dough it keeps on sticking to the counter. So I end up folding it few times (a good thing?) but this is still taking way longer than I want it to. I over stuff my pies and when I fold the dough over there are huge gaping holes that I frantically patch up with my left-over dough.

I can laugh at it now but at the time I just felt like I was a mess, and I was. I had flour all over the front of black shirt and pretty much everywhere else in the kitchen. My sink was filled with the dishes I had used for the pie adding to the general chaos. I just broke down. I thought about the money and time that goes into baking and how I was going to have to throw this away. I hate wasting. I was convinced I was a shitty baker. And I am (kind of). I could be a good baker if I just took the time to do things right and have the right equipment. I know that cooking is an art and baking is a science but sometimes I seem to want to ignore that.

Case finds me in the kitchen like this, hears the whole story, and tells me that if I put hate into my baking than I will get hate-filled pies. So there you go. Hate-filled Bourbon Pies. Verdict? Hate tastes pretty good. We had a pie before dinner, I had one after dinner and for breakfast this morning. I like them. :)


  1. I love your blog! (this is Hannah, Casey's friend, btw!) Your food looks delicious and the description of your cooking adventures are great! Reading this one about the peach pies resonated with me....I have had very similar experiences baking/working with dough and have also had meltdowns b/c of it! Oh, a pastry cutter is a must! The first time I made homemade biscuits, I too tried using forks, knives, etc to cut in the butter....afterwards I bought a pastry cutter! Williams Sonoma has a nice one :)

  2. Ha, glad you like it. A pastry cutter is definitely on my shopping list.