Monday, July 19, 2010

Caramelized Leek Gravy

I sweat a leek in butter (I used two...and it was way too much for two people.) After almost an hour when my very small hen was almost done I started a roux. Butter + flour Cook till blonde + cold milk, whisk on high heat + juice from cooked hen = GRAVY. And a good gravy at that. Kind of reminds me of my pot pie. So very fattening, I'm sure. I started caramelizing my leeks a little after my hen was in the oven so they were a'cookin for almost an hour. I used garlic, bay leaf and thyme to season. After the gravy was cooked I added it to my leeks to top mashed potatoes. Since I Gruyere left over from my gratin I added that to my mash. I got full really fast with this meal (though that could be because I was constantly 'tasting' while making it, ooops.) Oh yeah, and sweat the leeks in bacon fat on top of the butter.

Gratin (yes...with truffle oil)

Oh yum, who doesn't like Gruyere?? I let some garlic simmer in an olive based truffle oil. Mixed heavy cream and plenty of dill. One layer of potatoes in a buttered and garlicked dish. Top with heavy cream, and top that with a Gruyere/Parmesan mix, and top that with the garlic. Continue this layering with the exception of the garlic, ending with Gruyere on top. I cooked this at 375 until the top was golden/dark brown. So good. And I used Yukon potatoes.

back to cooking (or truffled bread crumbed pasta)

I have never cooked with truffle oil before, though I have always wanted to. The grocery store that I went to didn't have it but they had an olive oil with truffle oil. I'm glad I purchased it because boy does it smell pungent. It's quite unlike anything I've ever smelled and I wanted to gag. I can only imagine what pure truffle oil taste like. It's no wonder it comes in 4 oz.
And yet somehow since my new purchase I'm adding it to everything I cook! 'Gosh, I really think this roasted hen could use some 'truffle' oil' The problem is I'm probably not even adding enough to make a difference. But who knows. Maybe it is adding some panache.
This delicious pasta is taken straight from Paprika Red. I just substituted basil for mint. Mint is weird.


We have been lucky enough to be able to look after Casey's friend's cat for a few weeks. Action Cat will be missed. :(