Tuesday, September 21, 2010

plan b

Sweet Rosemary Yogurt Bread with (not in picture) lavender glaze. Taken straight from Bon Vivant. My glaze looks nothing like hers. oops.

Anatomy of a cheap person photography set up. Potatoes as paper weights. Whatever works right?

I've made these once before. They are freakin amazing. Prosciutto and Artichoke Involtini. What is involtini you ask? Good question. As the plural form of involtino it a thin slice of meat wrapped around a stuffing and cooked. (eep, didn't do that) but close enough! Stolen from here

Monday, September 20, 2010


Tried to make some candied orange peels. As usual I tried to combine recipes to come up with something I wanted. It usually works but this time not so much. This was supposed to be for a pot luck, maybe I will try something else.

i heart advocado

yup, can't get enough of it. Some very simple fajitas. Some medium cheddar. Oh I can't even go on, it's too much. It has mushrooms, so clearly this is my fajita. I don't believe the peppers and onion were marinated in anything. So simple. So good. I Love Food.

Mmmm Pizza

So it happens that I get discouraged to continue to update this blog until recently read URBs post (aka VENT) about how she blogs for herself and for no one else. It's a website that archives her favorite recipes, that other people just happen to enjoy. The passion she shows for her photography and her cooking and many other things is amazing. Sometimes it feels it is all I can do to to go to work, go to the gym and eat the wonderful dinner that casey has made. I don't have any idea how people have the energy to fill their calendars with so much. So here is our pizza. I like all sorts of weird veggies, and I don't know why we haven't made 1/2 pizzas before. Mine is no sauce, truffle oil, shrooms, onion. His is with sauce red pepper, olive oil and onion. So delicious. Nothing special to make. Boboli crust with canned sauce and sauteed veggie.

Nothing special for dessert either. Just some boxed brownies and whipped cream. woo!