My name is Cecile. little c is my inner child.

Writing about myself if strange. Choosing a picture that I feel 'depicts me' is equally strange. Truth is my hair hasn't been blue in a few years. But it has been pink, purple and most shades of red.
That is Casey (fiance) in the background. I would be an entirely different person if I had not met him 5+ years ago.

I am not a very good writer. Though I do love, absolutely love to read. I am new to photography and am quite enjoying the process of learning. I love hiking our Washington mountains. I love (tall) socks and I really love sushi. I am a good cook and a so-so baker.
I went to culinary school for three quarters and washed dishes, mopped floors, and threw away a lot of good food that we couldn't take home for liability reasons. You know, the food that I was paying for. Meanwhile our instructors lamented the good old days of spending hours on their knees scrubbing the floors with a toothbrush. Job opportunities when you graduate are plentiful but practically minimum wage. So, I realized that being a professional, full-time cook was not right for me.

After working a string of odd jobs I finally found a job in the medical field that I miraculously and luckily was able to get into. It supports my cooking habits. While college may have been an absolute mess, it led me to the northwest, my man, and an awesome job.

We are the proud owners of a black kitten. Batcat. He is a handful. A very soft and cuddly handful.

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  1. Cool blog! If pictures are any indication of taste outcome, I am sure these are all delicious.
    I will try a couple out and let you know.