Monday, August 8, 2011

Corn Potato Chowder with Asian Pear Salad

The Corn Potato Chowder (aka leftover soup) was leftover corn chowder, veggie broth, stir fried celery, potatoes, garlic, shallot, onion, and carrot, topped with scallions and green pepper. We cooked it for a good bit so the corn soup got really starchy from the potatoes. Very satisfying soup. I added cumin to mine.

I got the Asian Pear Salad recipe from Vegetarian Times' Starter Kit. For two servings:
1 pear
1 green pepper
4 scallions
1 bunch of watercress
sesame seeds for topping

This recipe called for fennel which as soon as I cut it up I realized that I didn't like it. It's tastes like licorice. Yuck.

I usually only make one type of salad (the one previously posted) but holy cow this was good. I was however very disappointed with their dressing they told me to use. Vegetable oil and lime. Blah! I say. So instead I used olive oil, honey, ginger, lime, crushed black pepper (which are now stuck in my braces. Every once in awhile one will lodge loose and I get a POW! of pepper. It's keeping me on my toes). I loved the dressing. Loved it. I'm an olive oil and balsamic vinegar girl, but I will make this again. I've never (knowingly) had watercress. It's a more tender/delicate spinach, will definitely have it again.

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