Monday, December 26, 2011

The Christmas Turkey with a Malt-Beer-Brine

Casey adding two cups of salt

Babies, Beer and detergent

One beer for the turkey, two beers for Casey

Initially the Barley Malt Syrup just sat on top

Mixing the syrup in

Turkey cavity filling with liquid goodness

Basting the turkey with glaze

This brining was definitely more successful than the cider brine. Probably mostly due to the fact that it wasn't overcooked. It was, however, a tad more salty than I would have liked. I think it was because I used sea salt instead of kosher salt. No biggie. Everything was fairly unsalty so really it just complemented it. But now the gravy we make from it will be super salty. Hrrm...what to do with that...
The recipe is fairly lengthy so I will link it. Courtesy of Bon Appetit.

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