Friday, November 25, 2011

Post-Thanksgiving Waffles

Oh-Em-Gee. These were such a treat. I happen the checkerboard affect with the chocolate looks pretty neat. It was a bit of an accident. I had already started cooking the waffle and realized I had forgotten the chocolate. :( So I opened the waffle maker and added them in. It melted the chocolate into the waffle craters. It turned out awesome. On the downside it got all over the waffle iron and was a bitch to clean. It also infected Casey's blueberry waffle. ;)
The chocolate I used was 100% baking chocolate. It was pretty bitter and the powdered sugar and syrup went so well with it! The waffle mix was Bob's Red Mill High Fiber Organic Whole Wheat Pancake and Waffle mix. I'd make my own but his just does it so well.

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