Friday, November 25, 2011

The Everything Sandwich

So much to be thankful for! Like Port Townsend Creamery's Off Kilter Cheese which I have finally purchased. I knew it was coming out, and when I went to Pike's Place the other day I saw they had their own stand! Oh, so exciting! They had samples of all their cheeses and so I was finally able to taste Off Kilter. I love french cheeses but the NW has awesome cheeses too. I don't why I didn't just buy it then and there, I think I was worried that I wouldn't be able to eat it all by myself. But at the store today I knew it would be perfect on our left-over sandwiches.
I tossed everything that I loved on my sandwich, and it miraculously worked out. One side of bread had Chive and Garlic Hummus and the other had Aioli. I stuffed the sandwich with the aforementioned Off Kilter cheese, spinach, salami, turkey, cranberry jelly and jalapenos. All the flavors went together spectacularly. I can't wait to make my Turkey Pot Pie.

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