Thursday, June 10, 2010

gorgonzola sauce and a few words on roux

before anything is started cut some cherry tomatoes in half (you can never have too much), stick them in an oven proof dish, slather them in olive oil, salt and parsley and broil them until they look tasty.

adapted the gorgonzola recipe from my kitchen addiction. i didn't use any of the measurements. this was a meal for one... and I was a too lazy to measure. i really feel like a roux can be guesstimated. so first thing, heat three minced cloves of garlic in butter, don't let them burn. I added flour for the roux, it looked pretty clumpy but with heat and a little time it 'relaxed' a bit. honestly I have no idea how much I added. broke out the cookbook from college and it doesn't even give measurements save for saying 'add flour...stir to form paste'. i love it. i made a blonde roux and than added enough (whole) milk to make a slightly thicker sauce than desired. adding the cheese will thin it down a bit. i tried to cook it for about 10 minutes to get all the flour flavor out but really it should be cooked for about 20. took it off the stove and added the gorgonzola (to flavor). YUM!
Don't forget the pasta. mix everything together for some yummyness.

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