Saturday, June 19, 2010

miller light chicken pot pie

this chicken pot pie was pretty phenomenal if I do say so myself. every bite was packed with flavorful bits of creamy leek and herby thyme. i'm sure the butter and the beer helped with the homemade broth.

preheat oven to 425. start browning the chicken (1/2 lbs) in butter. than add a 1/4 c of miller light (or some other lager) and 1 3/4 c of water with a few sprigs of thyme and three bay leafs. simmer for 15 min.
while it's simmering chop up one leek and carrots. simmer in butter and add the garlic after it has sweated for a bit.
after the 15 minutes of simmering chicken is done reserve the chicken in a bowl and keep the broth in a measuring cup, you'll need 1 3/4 c. start the roux, 1/3 c butter and two heaping teaspoons of flour. add 2/3 c cold milk, bring to boil constantly whisking until it thickens. add broth. add a handful (or two) of frozen peas.
set up your pan. i think i will try biscuits next time but last night I used puff pastry which never fully cooked (fine with me since I enjoy doughy pastry 'crust') but if I was serving this to people I would have been embarrassed. (trust me the picture doesn't give the doughyness justice). did I thaw the puff pastry for too long? (over one hour) did I not have the oven hot enough? who knows. either way the filling was ridiculous. whoever discovered how to make are a little weird, i mean really who decides to churn and churn and churn milk?? but nevertheless you rock.

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