Tuesday, May 25, 2010

growing tomatoes

we are attempting to grow tomatoes. a spur of the moment purchase that my eyes landed on in the store. i don't know if i should admit this or not but it's the 'as seen on TV' kind. but they are sprouting!
here they are on our porch. *sigh* I'm so proud of them. i haven't quite developed the habit of taking pictures of food before I eat it. i have a few pictures of chopped up veggies for a coq au vin i made and than put in a pastry puff. somehow i don't think chopped celery, carrots and pearl onion on a cutting board really gets across what the final picture looked like. maybe i can draw it. so...tomorrow definitely. oh and the clafoutis from a previous post, totally making it again for staff meetings at work. i think that should recommend itself as to how EASY (and delicious!) it is to make considering it's only been a week or so since I made it.

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  1. You should be proud, your sprouts look good!