Saturday, June 26, 2010

lamburger + apple vinegar onions + cumin mayo

casey is being a sweetheart and driving down to oregon to purchase some much anticipated gifts. i get to sit here bloggin' while he looks for the best deal/package, most convenient/practical purchase. than when he comes home he gets to install it. i am one lucky girl. and...i might as well take advantage and cook all the nasty things he doesn't like to eat. so at my trip to the store one day I am very pleasantly surprised to find ground lamb meat. i also spoil myself with asparagus and more mushrooms. woohoo!
1 onion
splash of apple cider vinegar
< 1 tsp sugar
olive oil + butter

lamb mince meat

mayo + cumin (stolen from zen can cook)

shrooms (i went with cremini)

i started with caramelizing the onions, once they have sweated add a splash of apple cider vinegar about a 1/4 c. some sugar and lots of sea salt. :)
not sure how other people caramelize onions but i find i have to keep them very moist, preferably with a light beer (it gives such awesome flavor!) or with water or broth. whatever makes you happy. once they are done set them aside and in the same pan soften 3-4 mushrooms. get the lamb meat out while the shrooms are a'cookin. mix with whatever spices you'd like. since my toppings were extravagant I kept it simple with parsley, garlic powder and olive oil, sea salt and pepper too of course, i would have added onions like i usually do but i was too lazy to cut up another one. gah. form into patties. start grilling. heaven to follow. as stated before, i ate this alone but i had plenty of lamb to make two patties. i stuffed my face. so very overly full. give me more!

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