Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I find it odd that as our Seattle weather warms up I am making more soups. The one on the top is actually a vegetarian chili and the bottom is a potato leek soup with deep 'fried' shallots. Funny thing deep frying shallots - they never fried, like crispy fried. I was supposed to place a bunch of shallots in olive oil and butter and fry them for 30 minutes. They were in there an hour and never got crispy so I can only imagine the heat wasn't high enough. Oh well, they were amazing anyways and I think I'm actually glad that they were soft and probably saturated with oily goodness. Roasting the potatoes, leeks and arugula gave it a huge flavor boost. No bland soup here. 

The longer days have been giving me a ton of energy. Really happy perky energy. It's weird and a little uncomfortable but overall I suppose it's quite nice. I am making goals, plans, budgets, shopping lists. I'm going to the gym before work, which by the way, means waking up at 4:40. Now I just have to stick with it. I become incredibly discouraged when I 'fall off the horse'. But for now, it's working and that's fine with me. 

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