Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pea, Radish, Crostini

I have been playing with vegetarian meals. One of many pet peeves is substituting synthetic meats where traditionally a dead animal would be used, such as using a soy patty instead of ground-up cow for your meal. There is no need for that nasty business. For a long time, I heard about the evils of soy. I knew if I ever crossed the vegetarian threshold, I would not take up soy to fill the hole of rotting flesh. No, I would fill that hole with vibrant and fresh foods that are unique and creative, and bring me joy to make. I've tried to cook with tofu and it's like cooking a canvas. It does not bring a lot to the meal...but takes on the flavors around it. Consider me unimpressed. I am stoked to get my protein and texture needs elsewhere, thank you.

Growing up we paired a lot of things with bread such as foie gras, pate, saucisson, and prosciutto. I hear cool people make crostini, so I wanted to try my hand at it.

I don't eat peas accept to reheat the canned or frozen kind and serve it as a side dish. Sometimes I get really crazy and add shallots and butter to them. Once, Casey and I had mashed peas in Ireland. It wasn't something we ordered again.

But, I was really intrigued by the flavor profiles of this dish. I adore radishes. They are crisp and fresh and a nice contrast to the creamy mashed peas. Add in some pesto and I am sold. I got the recipe from here.

The recipe I found was a little more labor intensive that I intended. Instead of making my own pesto and combining it with the peas, I just bought store bought pesto, diluted with high quality EVOO and brushed it onto the crostini. I layered it with mashed peas. The mashed peas had olive oil and a little salt. After, I layer it with radishes and crush salt and pepper over it. The hubby and I were quite pleased.

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