Saturday, May 11, 2013

Aguas Frescas - it's the new cool thing

I totally did not die in Maui. Really.

Look, we're married!

The Jan-Apr detox was a resounding success. I eventually got Kimberly Snyder's book and completely overhauled my diet and have seen positive results. Her book is super nerdy with information and a ton of resources, references, and citations. (Can you tell I am in college? Citations, wooo!) This is definitely a book worth checking out.

This totally looks like sherbert

Every morning starts with her green smoothie. Spinach, romaine lettuce, apple, pear, celery, and lemon juice. It's pretty flipping good. My skin is happy. My body is happy. I guess there is happiness all around. I have my (now) husband hooked on it too! More importantly I'm not crazy tired all day long! Seriously. This is the girl who had a pastry and a cappuccino every morning. Less coffee more energy, what?! No fooling.

Now that I am married, I guess I should keep up this being healthy business, right? To be successful at this I need to make it fun. Otherwise, please pass the vodka because that is waaay fun. Just kidding. Not really.

So frothy!

But seriously, I did a little research (aka Google) and found out about Aguas Frescas and thought, hey, that's like an alcoholic beverage without the alcohol. I can dig that. There are so many choices out there too. Lately my go to drink has been freshly squeezed grapefruit juice with club soda. So obsessed. But these drinks are a little more involved. The one I made today was watermelon and grapefruit with club soda. It's got a whole 'nother ingredient. Whoa.

Grapefruit on the left, watermelon on the right

It was pretty tasty if I do say so myself. The flavors blended well and created the perfect summer drink. (along with, like, 50 other perfect summer drinks, I'm sure).

I bought half of a watermelon which is dirt cheap! Put it through my blender and strained it. Please - you don't need a cheesecloth like the recipe says. Than you juice a bunch of grapefruit. Mix it together and add club soda.

On the awesome side of things - Casey brought me back a kithen aid from Illinois. Literally packed it in his baggage and brought it home. His wonderful grandmother gave it to me. So...I am crazy stoked to get-a-bakin' with this piece of heavy machinery.

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