Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dead Lamb

The post-Christmas meal is a lamb shank. I discovered a recipe (again, from Bon Appetit) for a Gochujang sauce. Gochujang is the new Sriracha, apparently. But, I'm not about the go get a new sauce when I have one that works just fine for me. :) Though I will eventually try Gochujang, I'm just waiting to use up the rest of the Sriracha. JHC, I can barely spell these words...and I don't even know if JHC is an acronym - so hopefully you know what I mean. Regardless 

I went shopping for supplies and totally forgot to get the dates that were required in the recipe linked above. But...I've been on this kick about not having to buy things that I don't need based on the fact that that when you are limited and restricted, you are more creative. So...instead of going back to the store, I looked in my cupboards and found something that I could substitute for dates and found golden raisins. They worked fabulously!! The sauce was intense and sweet.

I seasoned the lamb shank with salt and pepper and cooked on medium-high heat for 9 minutes, turning it every minute. After 9 minutes I kept it warm in an oven and added chopped onion to the hot pan and than added the raisin, oil, and sriracha sauce. Oh man, this was a tasty treat. Obviously I was so caught up in making this perfect protein that I didn't even bother making a veggie or a carb. Is that weird? I had fried pickles for an appetizer so I kinda had some variety of food that night...

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