Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Breaded Fish

I guess vlogging is the new thing. So new that blogspot underlines it in red, signifying that I spelled it wrong. I would vlog but that would just be bad for all. My voice is really nasally. Or, at least that is what it sounds like the few times that I have heard it played back to me. Plus, it seems like a lot of effort to edit the videos and delete all the nonsense that I talk about. So, I will continue to write. However, for those of you interested in watching videos so you don't have to read I highly recommend My Drunk Kitchen and Jenna Marbles. The latter, not cooking related...just fucking funny. :) 

Happy Holiday's to all! *sip wine*. Casey told me that in Italy they eat fish for Christmas Eve. I never did verify that... 

Regardless, we had breaded snapper for Christmas Eve and it was quite tasty. Case bought this super tasty spice and nut blend that I blended with panko and breaded the fish with (flour and egg style). 

Floured Snapper...

Breaded with panko and Dukkah

Cooked in the oven and voila!

I originally cooked the fish at 450 for 15 minutes. Not so successful...
I had to cook it for 10 more minutes uncovered and than it was a tad overcooked. Despite this everything else was perfect. We had a side of frozen jasmine rice that I reheated with paprika and covered in a really good sauce. The sauce consisted of EVOO and butter with overripe tomatoes, pesto, garlic, chopped onion and a dash of the Dukkah. The green beans I cooked with pearls onions and butter.

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