Monday, July 19, 2010

Caramelized Leek Gravy

I sweat a leek in butter (I used two...and it was way too much for two people.) After almost an hour when my very small hen was almost done I started a roux. Butter + flour Cook till blonde + cold milk, whisk on high heat + juice from cooked hen = GRAVY. And a good gravy at that. Kind of reminds me of my pot pie. So very fattening, I'm sure. I started caramelizing my leeks a little after my hen was in the oven so they were a'cookin for almost an hour. I used garlic, bay leaf and thyme to season. After the gravy was cooked I added it to my leeks to top mashed potatoes. Since I Gruyere left over from my gratin I added that to my mash. I got full really fast with this meal (though that could be because I was constantly 'tasting' while making it, ooops.) Oh yeah, and sweat the leeks in bacon fat on top of the butter.

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