Monday, July 19, 2010

back to cooking (or truffled bread crumbed pasta)

I have never cooked with truffle oil before, though I have always wanted to. The grocery store that I went to didn't have it but they had an olive oil with truffle oil. I'm glad I purchased it because boy does it smell pungent. It's quite unlike anything I've ever smelled and I wanted to gag. I can only imagine what pure truffle oil taste like. It's no wonder it comes in 4 oz.
And yet somehow since my new purchase I'm adding it to everything I cook! 'Gosh, I really think this roasted hen could use some 'truffle' oil' The problem is I'm probably not even adding enough to make a difference. But who knows. Maybe it is adding some panache.
This delicious pasta is taken straight from Paprika Red. I just substituted basil for mint. Mint is weird.

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