Monday, December 27, 2010

Red Chard Mac & Cheese

We were having a hard time with the cheeses on this one. I wanted some panache so I purchased Gruyere and Fontina. This is a lovely two person job. Case and I have got it down. We made this for Christmas and just made it again today. Yeah...that good. No measurements here. It can be adapted to however much you want it to be.

Red Chard Mac and Cheese

Gruyere & Fontina Cheese
Red Chard (also called Swiss Chard)
Bread Crumbs

Melt butter with onion until translucent. Add garlic. Add flour & make roux. Add milk, thicken. Add cheeses (save a handful).

While that is going on de-rib the chard and boil it for a minute (until softened), remove from water and add noodles to same water. Slice the chard up.
When the pasta is done add it to the cheese. In a pan make one layer of Pasta/Cheese one layer of all of the Chard and one layer of Pasta/Cheese on top of that. For the bread crumb, mix shredded cheese and bread crumb and sprinkle even layer. Bake until browned.

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